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August 2021 News

Welcome to the August 2021 news update for WARSURGE.

In the app department, we are working on the ability to import factions without using QR Codes. In the Units area, there will be an ‘Import’ tab, alongside Factions and Armouries. There will be links to external sites that are trusted by the Warsurge Team to provide premade factions for download. If you would like to be part of this, contact us!

In terms of community and social media, we have launched our Discord channel and Reddit community.

Operation Gauntlet, a solo Narrative, launched last week. This week, we have launched ‘Rise of the Guardians’, a Narrative that works alongside Competitive Games. Basically, the Objective Markers are actual Units that you can fight, and if you defeat them, will join your side. A new mod has also been introduced to make them more of a side show than the main feature of a battle. More Narratives are on the way.

On the Warsurge Website, there is an area to guide players to use the Warsurge app on PC and Mac. It’s not a dedicated Warsurge program (that’s a future project), but there are ways to get Warsurge running on a computer. There’s also a new lore section where we are looking for players to contribute their creative writing!

A warm welcome to our new affiliates. We have Gork’s Sculpts, Gary Hunt Miniatures, The Printing Goes Ever On and Brutal Cities.

Models in photo by Gork’s Sculpts and Gary Hunt Miniatures.

Stay tuned for more news!

- Richard

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