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Basketbrawl Now Available

Greetings! A new Narrative Mission is available, called 'Basketbrawl'.

It's a 2-player basketball themed competitive game, where players manage their Units like a sport team. The goal is to score points at the enemy hoop, but you can fight and kill your enemies to help achieve this.

The game has a unique playstyle, somewhere between Standard and Advanced if compared to regular games of Warsurge. Each player selects one Unit then can make up to two actions which include: Move, Attack, Ball Action or Steal. Ball Actions include passing the ball or taking a shot at the Hoop, while Steal is where a Unit can take the ball from an enemy. Once a Unit has made one to two actions, it must wait till the next Game Turn before it can be used again.

Opposing Units can attempt to intercept a ball during a pass, which does not count as an action.

Unlike regular games of Warsurge, all casualties will eventually return. Perks such as Revive or Resurrection can still be useful though, as they can potentially return a Unit back to the game faster. Star Units can be given special talents to give them an advantage in Basketbrawl. By default you start with one Star, but this can be increased or decreased by customising your team. The team size can be adjusted from 3 to 8 Units at once on the court.

I'm looking forward to seeing the teams that players bring to the tabletop! Do you have a dream team in mind?

You can download Basketbrawl in the Narratives section:

The Hoop and Ball (available as modern or medieval) can be downloaded for 3D Printing here:

You can watch a video trailer here:

The models in the photo below are by Print Minis and Puppetswar, the Gaming Mat is by Deep Cut Studio.

See you on the court!

- Richard

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