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December 2021 News

Welcome to the December 2021 news update for WARSURGE. Christmas is upon us, and so is the next patch for Warsurge which boasts many updates, new Perks and some new features. There are some final tests to perform on a new backup feature, but otherwise it’s almost ready to go. In addition to the new backup feature, here is a recap of what’s going into the patch: - Six new Perk families, and many new Perks. - Improvements to loading time for Units and Rosters that are filled with many Perks and Weapons. - New Weapon stats of Deflect, Ward and Parry, which are used to represent shields and weapons that can repel attacks! How they are used will be explained in the rulebook. Last month we released the Den of Dread, a new Party (co-op) Narrative that can be played as single player. It is a fairly large adventure with choices, treasure and monsters… including boss encounters! We were hoping the Warsurge physical rulebook would be complete and for sale, but as we are going to finish the lore, add photos of new affiliate products along with a few other bells and whistles, we are delaying it. We are aiming to have it ready and for sale in the first quarter in 2022, hopefully with the Print Roster feature, so you can play your games completely app-less (analogue even?) if you like. Merry Christmas and have a great break if you get this time of year off! Model in photo by Creature Caster. Creature Caster:

Stay tuned for more news!

- Richard

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