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July 2021 News

Welcome to the July 2021 news update for WARSURGE.

This month we released the free Warsurge App for Android. At this time, we are working on the iOS version of the app, which we hope to have ready in the next few weeks. When the iOS version is online, we’ll notify via a news update and email.

After the new app is complete, we aim to have two new features for subscribed and lifetime users. Print Roster and also the ability to import entire factions, ready for play. More details on these features will be announced as progress is made in development.

Currently, 3 new narratives are being worked on, two of which are almost complete. We have: 1) Operation Gauntlet: a single player infiltration mission. 2) Basketbrawl: a 2 player ball sport with ‘optional’ violence. 3) Den of Dread: a cooperative adventure into a twisted cave filled with curiosities and horrible creatures.

In early stages we have two Warsurge expansions, Tournaments and Campaigns.

In the photo is a miniature by Puppetswar. The buildings are from Micro Art Studio and Print Minis. The Gaming Mat is by Deep-Cut Studio.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!

- Richard

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