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July 2023 News

Welcome to the July 2023 news update for WARSURGE.

We’ve been looking at feedback from the Compendium and the Precipice of Infinity. While we do the final touches for the covers of these books, we’ll continue to listen for and apply corrections or any necessary changes for both the physical print as well as updating the digital version. If you’d like to provide feedback for the Compendium or Precipice of Infinity, you can do so on Reddit, the WARSURGE Facebook Group, Discord (Compendium channel) and email feedback is also an option, via

The models from the WARSURGE Kickstarter are being worked on, the first model being a unit of Ebon Hunters. They are essentially a unit of sci-fi troopers.

For Italian players, the Compendium is currently undergoing translation into Italian.

The WARSURGE App is still undergoing work for an update which will have a few tweaks and a notable adjustment to point costs for certain Unit stats. We’ve got a notable list of suggestions and ideas to apply over time, but for this patch we are looking at adding a new Perk, which will provide an option for extra damage against individual models. Currently dubbed as ‘Demolish’, it multiplies the HP Loss on each Attack of the Weapon, but each Attack can't defeat more than one model at a time. It should be ideal for tank hunters and monster hunters, and will be cheaper than Perks such as Terminate as it can't knock out more than one model with each Attack (therefore making it ineffective against piles of troops).

The image is our completed art for the Compendium cover. It along with the rulebook front cover are downloadable wallpapers! You can download them here on our website:

Stay tuned for more news!

- Richard

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