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June 2021 News

Welcome to the June 2021 news update for WARSURGE.

In the App department, we are nearing test stage for the new WARSURGE App, which allows players to try the game for free. You’ll be able to unlock the entire app for about $1 a month, or the option to purchase the full version outright will still be available, known as WARSURGE LIFETIME. Existing WARSURGE users will automatically have WARSURGE LIFETIME when the updates occur.

The next patch for WARSURGE will go online with the release of the new app. It will provide new Perks and some tweaks to existing Perks. Details will follow when the patch goes live.

Last month it was stated that we had a new Narrative project to announce. This announcement is now a little different to what was expected. We have decided on a number of new Narratives to get up and running very soon. Over the next months we are aim to have a total of 7 Solo, 5 Party and 5 Competitive Narratives available on the WARSURGE Website. After that, we’ll review our plans for Narratives in the long term.

For now, Narrative Missions being worked on include Operation Gauntlet and the Den of Dread. They are both very different Narratives. In Operation Gauntlet, you are infiltrating a high-tech base with guards and patrols, while the Den of Dread is the exploration of a massive cave filled with secrets, monsters and treasure.

There is a new sport game coming as a competitive Narrative. That and other Narratives are on the way soon!

Alongside the large selection of Narratives, we’ll soon be commencing work on two expansions for WARSURGE: Campaigns, and Tournaments.

Tournaments will list ways of hosting tournaments with WARSURGE, and will have a ladder ranking system to manage the skill level of players in a region. It will also bring new missions to test the mettle of players.

Campaigns will list how to build a variety of campaigns with WARSURGE. This will include story driven campaigns, map campaigns and will include some missions to help capture the essence of invasions, sieges and other glorious attacker versus defender warfare.

In the photo are miniatures by Puppetswar. The buildings are from Micro Art Studio. The Gaming Mat is by Deep-Cut Studio.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!

- Richard

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