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June 2024 News

Welcome to the June 2024 news update for WARSURGE.

In the App department, we’re looking into conforming with some new (and annoying) requirements that Apple has put forward and looking at what Perk requests to consider next. In addition, we are debating whether to increase the number of profiles and rosters on the free app, so as to give new players a more flexible experience before deciding whether to get the full app.

We’ve released the digital books to Wargame Vault. We have a link in the shop area of the website:

We’ve decided what we’ll be using in the next demo Battle Report, which we hope to film soon. It’ll be a selection of models by Print Minis against a combination of models from Gary Hunt Miniatures and Colossal Miniatures (featured in this month’s photo). For the Battle Report itself, we’ll be going for a 500pts Intermediate game, with Tactical Strike as the game type.

The Lore section has been updated on the website. Players can read the overall concept of Warsurge and cross-universe battles on a single page. You can check it out here:

We’re looking at introducing two new mods which we’d add to the website (and the PF sheet), based on some feedback we’ve had from players. Check them out and let us know on our social media:

New Mod – Elemental Modifiers

Either in addition or instead of existing Elemental damage multipliers from Elemental Perks. This mod causes a -1 or +1 Attack Dice modifier for each elemental weakness/strength.

New Mod – Transport Casualty Quick Disembark

Standard Playstyle only; applies to Transports with passengers embarked. If the Transport becomes a casualty and the Transport has used its Weapons in the Attack Sequence, the Transport is immediately removed as a casualty and passengers are placed on the battlefield (as per the rules for passengers of a casualty Transport). If the Transport hasn’t attacked yet, it must be resolved at the next earliest opportunity then be removed.

If the Transport Unit has no valid targets or the player does not intend to attack, the Transport is removed as a casualty immediately.

Models in the photo are by Print Minis, Colossal Miniatures and Gary Hunt Miniatures. Buildings by Brutal Cities and terrain from Orakio’s Studio and War World Gaming. Gaming mat by PWork Games.

Gary Hunt Miniatures:

Stay tuned for more news!

- Richard

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