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March 2021 News

Welcome to the WARSURGE March news update for 2021.

Our second Battle Report, featuring the Advanced playstyle, was uploaded in late February and is available on YouTube and the WARSURGE Website. You can now watch a sample advanced game here:

In the App department, the ‘Journal’ system is nearly ready for internal testing. The Journal is where you’ll be able to keep a record of the games you’ve played and make notes of what happened in a game. The journal will keep a tally of various statistics too, such as the number of victories and defeats. In essence the Journal is like a diary that can keep battle reports.

The next Narrative mission, ‘Boss Rush’ is nearly ready for internal play tests. In this Narrative, you create a hero that will fight a series of ‘boss’ style encounters. We hope to have this Narrative ready either late March or in April.

There have been some competitions on Instagram and Facebook. The Instagram competition has just finished, but you can still partake in the Facebook competition to win a copy of WARSURGE.

In the photo are miniatures by Orakio’s Studio. The Gaming Mat is by Deep-Cut Studio.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!

- Richard

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