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March 2022 News

Welcome to the March 2022 news update for WARSURGE.

In the app department, we recently launched version 1.2.13 and shortly after, 1.2.14.

Patch 1.2.13 added new perks, clarifications and some fixes, while 1.2.14 (the current version) fixed an issue in creating rosters. You can read the details of the new perks and changes for update 1.2.13 in the news area of the website or on our social media.

In the next major patch, we shall have the Print Roster feature. You’ll be able to export your Roster as a print friendly PDF which you can print and take to your games! There will still be a QR Code on the PDF, so players using the app can still scan it. We hope to have this feature available within the next couple months.

There are new videos from our friends at Sword and Fortress and Wargames Per Passione.

Sword and Fortress have been playing and streaming some games while preparing for a tournament using trial guidelines that we have in development. The tournament looks like it will be a lot of fun, and has prizes too!

Wargames Per Passione are an Italian based gaming channel, and they’ve recently discovered Warsurge. Their first video is a quick look/review of the game. The video is in Italian, but has English subtitles which you can turn on with captions. Be sure to check out why he’s excited!

Sword and Fortress (Twitch):

Wargames Per Passione (YouTube):

On the Kickstarter front, we are making preparations to have the Quick Start rules available as a small book. In addition, we are wanting to have the Quick Start rules available in other languages as soon as possible (later followed by other material, especially Perks!). At this stage, we have several translation contacts that we are communicating with, but we are looking for a Spanish translator, or a gamer with Spanish as a first language with good English. If you or anyone you know would be able to help, please contact us.

As of last month you can sign up for the rulebook Kickstarter. By doing so, you will be notified when the Kickstarter is launched. Please check it out if you haven’t looked into it yet.

You can watch a preview of the Kickstarter on YouTube:

Please share this with your wargaming friends and players who’ve been waiting for a Warsurge Rulebook!

Models in photo by Print Minis and buildings by Brutal Cities. Gaming Mat by Deep Cut Studio.

Stay tuned for more news!

- Richard

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