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March 2023 News

Welcome to the March 2023 news update for WARSURGE.

We are in the process of distributing the full digital rulebook; we have hit a small snag in this, but we aim to have it in your (digital) hands over the next week. We’ll put an update on Kickstarter with the means of how to claim/download it. On a similar note, the first affiliate discount will be sent soon, which is for Digital Taxidermy who focus on 3D printable models. The codes for Puppetswar and Deep-Cut Studio will be released later.

Work continues on the Compendium. The profiles have been drafted, but the text and images are still being worked on and there will be a proof check before the backer playtest version is released. The front cover is also expected sometime soon, which will be Dark Elves vs Steampunk Dwarves.

On a similar subject, WARSURGE wallpapers for desktop and phone will be put onto the website once the Compendium front cover is complete. We will have a variety of resolutions that work for computer or phones.

The Precipice of Infinity narrative book has had the single player component drafted, where the player’s character is attempting to escape a strange temple known as ‘The Sanctum of the Spheres’. The rest of it will be completed once the Compendium is ready.

With the digital rulebook soon to be released, the website has been updated - replacing the ‘core rules’ and ‘quick start’ with the Free Rules. These rules are essentially a mix between the old quick start and core rules, paving the way for the new digital/physical rulebook. This is both available in the classic ‘dark’ scheme and also print friendly. It is aimed to teach the rules in a quick manner, get players into simple competitive games, and trims a lot of non-essential content that the full rulebook will handle instead.

There’s a new app update coming soon with perk adjustments and the framework for language options. That said, this patch will only have English, as the Italian translation is still being worked on right now (apparently the bulk of the work has been done – which is great!).

Models in the photo are by Avatars of War and The Printing Goes Ever On. Terrain is from Zealot Miniatures by Tabletop World. The gaming mat is by Deep-Cut Studio.

Zealot Miniatures:

Stay tuned for more news!

- Richard

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