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May 2021 News

Welcome to the May 2021 news update for WARSURGE.

We are continuing work on a new version of the app, where you can try Warsurge for free. You can unlock all features either for very cheap (about $1 per month) or you can get the existing ‘lifetime’ version of the app and make it a one-time purchase. Currently we are working to have this ready for Android first, then we’ll get it available for iOS.

Soon, the Android version of the Warsurge App will gain 'LIFETIME' and a gold icon. This is to prepare for the new version of the app.

With the launch of the free Warsurge App, we’ll have a very brief (2 page) rules to get you or a newcomer into a game really quickly.

There are several Narrative missions in the works, which are changing things up a bit. We have a new solo and party Narrative, alongside another new solo Narrative for an exciting new project, one which we hope to announce in the next few weeks.

In the photo are miniatures by Wargame Exclusive. The buildings are from Micro Art Studio. The Gaming Mat is by Deep-Cut Studio.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!

- Richard

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