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- November 2020 News -

Welcome! We have several updates and announcements for this month. A new area of the website, called MODS, allows you to adapt custom rules or features to your games of WARSURGE. For example, there is a mod to add ‘facing’ to your single model Units, which can be particularly useful for vehicles. In addition to what is listed on the website, we shall compile all current mods into a downloadable PDF and make it available in this area. Recently, we finished the tutorial video ‘Advanced Games’ which is in the How to Play section of the website. We are developing Lore for Rosters. This will allow players to write a story behind a roster itself which other players will be able to read when they scan the Roster in the enemy tab. Two battle reports have been filmed and photographed, one for Standard and one for Advanced Games. The Standard Game is 3 player, while the advanced is 2 player. Both games have different objectives for the players to achieve. We will announce when they are available. There is a ‘Sample Army’ available now on the website, which allows players to try the game for free. You won’t be able to make custom Units but after downloading or watching the rules, you can participate in a game! Three new Narrative missions are in the works. The two coop/solo games will be simple to play in a small space, while the PvP Narrative will be a little… different. More details to follow soon! Lastly, a community area of the website has been added. Here we have ways for players to connect and talk about their armies, the hobby, gaming and more. This area is very new, so content will arrive as we create it.

In the photo is a model by Wargame Exclusive: The Vindilorian. The building is by Micro Art Studio. Stay tuned for more news and updates! - Richard

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