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November 2021 News

Welcome to the November 2021 news update for WARSURGE. It’s been a busy month for the Warsurge team, as we are spending most of our time on getting a new patch ready in the next week or so. In this patch there’ll be various updates and upgrades such as: - New Perks and new Perk families: Augmentation (Unit), Malediction (Unit), Transportation (Unit), Vulnerability (Unit), Recovery (Unit) and Restoration (Weapon). Several Perks will be relocated if they fit better in a different family. - Improvements to loading time, particularly with Perk heavy Units and Weapons. - Weapon stats to represent shields! How they are used will be explained in the rulebook. As a result of the focus on the new app update, it has slowed development of the upcoming Narratives and also the print roster feature. On the upside, this update will help us get the physical rulebook released sooner. Our first player submitted lore has been uploaded to the Warsurge website, in the ‘Tales of the Omniverse’ section of the website. You can look at it here: Models in photo by The Printing Goes Ever On. Gaming mat by Deep-Cut Studio, buildings from Zealot Miniatures by Tabletop World. The Printing Goes Ever On:

Stay tuned for more news! - Richard

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