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October 2021 News

Welcome to the October 2021 news update for WARSURGE. We are working toward a physical rulebook, both for the full rules and quick start. This is aimed to be available in 2022. An update launched this week, v1.1.31 for the app and rules, which include new Perks, several Perk and Unit value updates, bug fixes and the ability to Import data with text codes. There’s also an Import tab in the UNITS area of the app, which allows players to browse player-made preset factions. We are continuing development of new Narrative Missions, many of which are cooperative or single player focused. Currently awaiting internal tests, we have: Den of Dread Evil Twin Monster Hunters Tomodachi Battles Vaults and Mutants We have new lore coming soon for the Warsurge website, submitted by players for the ‘Tales of the Omniverse’ section of the website. These tell of battles and adventures from the limitless multiverse of Warsurge. Models in photo by Gary Hunt Miniatures, Joaquin Palacios Studio and Megalith Games. Gaming mat by Deep-Cut Studio.

Gary Hunt Miniatures:

Joaquin Palacios Studio:

Stay tuned for more news! - Richard

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