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Rules/App Update v1.1.15

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Update 1.1.15 is now live alongside a new app for Android. Android users can now try WARSURGE for free with the new WARSURGE App. They can then subscribe for $1.50 AUD a month to unlock all features, or buy the lifetime version outright. We are currently developing a free demo version for iOS as well, which will also unlock with a subscription. We aim to have this available in the next month. Existing WARSURGE users may have noticed that WARSURGE has changed to WARSURGE LIFETIME with a gold icon. It's the same app, just different icon and name to differentiate the new app. The update notes for 1.1.15 are below. WARSURGE/WARSURGE LIFETIME Update 1.1.15 Notes:

Units Manager Update

New Help Videos

New Perks

Perk Updates

Weapon and Unit Rename Bug Fix

Leader as a term has been redefined as Commander

-New Perks-

Sergeant (Unit Leadership)

Strong Willed (Unit Defensive)

Charge Up Power (Weapon Enhancement)

Trespasser I & II (Unit Deployment)

Coherency + (Unit Deployment)

Dominate II (Unit Ability)

-Adjusted Perks-

Point costs, descriptions and/or activation methods have been adjusted, or clarifications have been made for the following Perks:

Heal (Weapon Mode)

Regenerate (Unit Defensive)

Recover (Unit Defensive)

HP Steal (Unit Defensive)

Seed I & II (Unit Deployment)

Assassin (Unit Aeonian)

Challenger (Unit Leadership)

Stealth (Unit Defensive)

Dominate I (Unit Ability)

Incorporeal (Unit Transformation)

Reflect I & II (Unit Defensive)

Wild Armour (Unit Defensive) Dwarf models below are by Avatars of War.

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