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September 2023 News

Welcome to the September 2023 news update for WARSURGE.

It is with a great sigh of relief that the physical books for WARSURGE (both English and Italian) are now in production. We are seeking to do the fulfillment surveys for Kickstarter in October so that we can collect addresses for shipping, but we are waiting on some info about the collector’s edition before we roll the surveys out.

The digital books have received an update on MyMiniFactory (MMF). Wargame Vault will also be a source where these books can be acquired by future players – this may be preferable for your friends who you’d like to get into the game than MMF.

The first unlocked STLs will be uploaded to MMF after they are pre-supported and test printed. We will notify everyone when they are downloadable via MMF.

Of late we’ve had a number of players mention that they’d like to make their own army book or ‘codex’ for their armies. Books containing one or more factions have been a major part of the tabletop wargaming industry, and to help players make their own books, we’ll be making a dedicated space on the website. The main points about this idea:

1) Business/commercial agreement: If your armies are your own material (not copyrighted content), you are welcome to sell your own army book. We won’t ask for royalties, but you’d need to insert text which we’d provide that basically says that Warsurge doesn’t own the content or responsible for it. In addition, we can provide permanent QR Codes so that players who acquire your book can import your faction into the app!

2) Fan-made army books: Many players across the hobby enjoy making their own books which may consist of potentially copyrighted material. We can still provide a permanent QR Code, but there is a risk it may be removed if the copyright holder makes contact and requests it to be taken down.

3) Narratives: On a similar note, we’ll be investigating this for players who want to make and sell their own Narrative Games. Same deal as with points 1 and 2 about copyright material.

That’s about it for now. Happy gaming!

Models in the photo are by Scibor Miniatures and Wargame Exclusive. Scenery is by Brutal Cities. The gaming mat is by Deep-Cut Studio.

Wargame Exclusive:

Stay tuned for more news!

- Richard

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