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WARSURGE App Patch 1.3.1

The next WARSURGE update is now live on Google Play and Apple Store. If your device does not download it automatically, you can go to the app store and update it manually.

Highlights of this update include being able to make a PDF of your Roster for printing. You can access this by going to the PRINT tab, which is the fourth tab alongside lore when creating or adjusting a Roster.

This update also has new Perk families, new Perks, adjustments and clarifications to existing Perks. There’s also a pop-up to confirm backing up data in the Settings area.

Perks in the app have Activation Terms added for convenience.

There has been some notable point cost adjustments throughout the app.

Here are some details for the update:


- Section 5.11: A clarification with regard to restoring a Melee.

- Section 5.8: New penalties added for targeting Units while engaged in a Melee, or Targeting enemies that are engaged with friendly Units in a Melee.

- Several sections have received minor clarifications and updates, also applied to the Rules tab in the app.

- Weapon Perks that require a Unit to test to use the Weapon can be rolled individually or all at once, decided before rolling (if no choice is declared, it is counted as a roll for the entire Unit).

- Attack Sequence has been updated to be more specific, listing ‘Next Weapon or End Sequence’.

- Dangerous Ground has received a number of clarifications.

- Difficult Ground now reduces Movement by 50%.

- The Activation Term ‘Linked’ has been separated into Linked Weapons and Linked Units.

- Stat Change and Damage Bonus added as Perk Activation Terms.

- End of Turn Activation Term has been updated, Perk effects are applied before reviewing Objectives and OP.

- Immediate Activation Term has been removed.

- Airborne Perk has received a correction in the rulebook.

- Competitive Games: Terrain cannot be placed to block access to Units.

- Section 3.6 (Deployment): Units must Deploy 50% of their Roster on the first game turn.

- Super Model Race has received an update on maximum Movement.


- Environment: Contains Perks related to cover or providing cover. Some Defensive Perks were moved there.

- Elemental: Contains Perks which can give a Unit element properties or grant a weakness or resistance to elements or certain afflictions.

- Element: A weapon version of the Elemental Perks, it can give Weapons one or more elements or bonus damage based on afflictions. The Tactical Perks ‘Zap’ and ‘Shatter’ have been moved to this family.


- Spell Steal (Ability): Can steal an Aether Unit Perk (Magic Armour) or redirect an Incantation Weapon.

- Hacker I & II (Ability): Can seize Artificial Units similar to Dominate, or if Point Cost not high enough, can cause debilitations to an Artificial Unit.

- Burrow (Ability): Unit can go underground and create tunnel entrances.

- Chill (Affliciton): Causes a stackable reduction to Movement.

- Affliction bonus damage Perks, similar to Zap, have been added to the new Element Weapon Perk family.

- Melee Clarity, Melee Confidence, Melee Hesitation, Melee Haze (Aeonian): These Perks are used to worsen or remove the penalties for Targeting Units while engaged in a Melee, or targeting enemies that are engaged with friendly Units in a Melee.

- Friendly Fire (Aeonian): If the User is outside a Melee and attacking an enemy in a melee, any damage dice that fail attack the closest friendly unit that is also in the Melee. If no friendly Units are in the melee, nothing happens. If the User is the only friendly Unit remaining and in a Melee, Friendly Fire can harm the User.

- Disassembler (Aeonian): User may reroll attacks made against Artificial Units.

- Indomitable (Defensive) has received ranks and a description update. The original Indomitable is now known as ‘Steadfast’.

- Absorption I, II and III (Defensive): Absorbs an amount of HP Loss each Game Turn before suffering actual damage.

- Dispersion I & II (Defensive): User gains a Defence bonus if their Armour Save is not pierced or lowered.

- Impenetrable I, II, III and IV (Defensive): User resists Penetrate, Corrode and similar Perks.

- Invulnerable I, II and III (Defensive): User’s AEGIS resists being weakened or removed.

- Reliable (Enhancement): The Weapon is not affected by negative Dice Modifiers caused by enemy Units.

- Cover Profile (Environment): A Perk that allows a different cover bonus for Units obscured by the User, but must meet the point cost requirement.

- Cover Modifier I and II (Environment): A Perk that provides a different cover bonus for Units obscured by the User (a dice modifier instead of bonus defence), but must meet the point cost requirement.

- Manoeuvre I, II and III (Movement): User gains an additional Movement after or before attacking

- Reflex Manoeuvre I, II and III (Movement): User gains Movement after being Targeted by enemies.

- Concatenation I & II (Mode): Functions like a Chain Weapon (Mode), but can target friendly Units as well.

- Break Deflect/Ward/Parry I, II and III (Perforation): Weapon lowers protection granted by Deflect, Ward or Parry respectively.

- Revive I, II and III have been moved to the Recovery family of Perks.

- Dismantle (Tactical): Weapon inflicts double HP Loss against Artificial Units.

- Deconstruct (Tactical): Weapon gains +1 Dice Modifier against Artificial Units.

- Commander Killer (Tactical): User may reroll attacks made against Commander Units.

- Exposed II and Compartment Exposed II (Transportation): These ranks grant a cover to passengers.

- Weak Spot I and II (Vulnerability): Attack Dice rolls of 6 against the User cause extra HP Loss.

- Ramshackle I & II (Vulnerability): User must reroll successful Armour Saves.

- Susceptible I & II (Vulnerability): User must reroll successful AEGIS Saves.

- Controlled is now two ranks and have been moved to Vulnerability. The extra rank allows Units to be like ‘Psychotic’ Units when the controller is defeated.


- Disengage (Ability): Received clarification.

- Time Jump (Ability): Received clarifications.

- Reanimate (Ability): Received clarifications.

- Zombify (Affliction): Received clarifications related to Targeting.

- Slow and Stop (Affliction) Perks have been removed.

- Solidify, Cripple and Freeze (Affliction) Perks have been updated.

- Spread (Affliction) has gained new ranks and an adjustment to description.

- Breach and Hijack (Aeonian): Passengers do not benefit from Enclosed, Exposed II or Compartment: Exposed II if attacked by Breach or Hijack Units in a Transport.

- Durable Armour (Defensive) has received updates and new ranks.

- Magic Armour (Defensive): Received an update.

- Fire Resist (Defensive): Renamed to Heat Resist.

- Evasive (Defensive): Does not function if User is immobile.

- Immortal (Defensive): Received update, does not function against bonus damage from Element Perks.

- Sentinel (Defensive): Prevents enemy Burrow Perk within range.

- The original Indomitable has been renamed to Steadfast, while Indomitable has become a different Perk with ranks.

- Camouflage, Cover I, Cover II, Uncover and Wreckage relocated to Environment Perk family.

- Terrain: Received an update and relocated to Environment Perk family.

- Bodyguard, Leader and Sergeant (Leadership): Have received clarifications and updates.

- Residue and Vortex (Mode) Perks have received clarifications.

- Jumper (Movement): Received clarifications.

- Arc (Offensive): Updated description and less ranks.

- Damage (X) Perks (Offensive): Dice Modifiers now apply to these Perks as normal. A new Perk known as Reliable is needed to provide the previous benefit that it had.

- Gravity (Offensive): Received clarification.

- Dire Hit (Offensive) has gained a second rank.

- Pacifist: Relocated to Psychological family of Perks.

- Psychotic (Psychological): Received update regarding the heal perk and reserves.

- Berserk (Psychological): Removed a line regarding Heal Perk.

- Healer and Engineer (Recovery): Received clarification about restoring casualty models.

- Self-Destruct (Tactical): Received several updates and clarifications.

- Harmless (Tactical): Now functions with the Grapple Perk.

- Multi-Strike (Tactical) has received an update regarding template weapons (from Mode). Multi Strike is not compatible with Beam I.

- Force I and II (Tactical): Now effects occur at end of Attack Sequence.

- No Line of Sight I and II (Tactical): Now mentions Burrow Units.

- Trap (Tactical): Now has additional ranks and more clarifications.

- Warp (Tactical): Received clarifications.

- Enclosed and Exposed (Transportation) are now compatible.

- Escape Transport (Transportation): Renamed to Debark and received additional ranks.

- Swarm has been moved to Vulnerability.

- Mission Master (Roster Perk): Received an update.

- Other updates and tweaks have been made throughout.

Models in photo by The Printing Goes Ever On and Avatars of War. Buildings from Zealot Miniatures (by Tabletop World) and gaming mat by Deep Cut Studio.

The Printing Goes Ever On:

Avatars of War:

Zealot Miniatures:

Tabletop World:

Deep-Cut Studio:

- Richard

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