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WARSURGE App Update 1.3.27

The next WARSURGE app update is now live on Google Play and Apple Store. If your device does not download it automatically, you can go to the app store and update it manually. There has been a significant change to the point cost of units, and some other point cost adjustments. The reduction in unit cost has been to allow armies to last longer on the battlefield. We are looking for feedback on this change, especially in regard to the 50pts minimum cost per unit. We are contemplating for the future that the minimum cost per unit be lowered to 25pts, but we need to consider the impact it would have on objective based games and the various playstyles, especially CP generation in Advanced games. Players wanting to experiment with 25pts minimum cost per unit can do so by agreeing with the ‘Terms of Engagement’ Mod. New Perks:

Singular I and II (Weapon Limitation) Notable Perk adjustments and clarifications include but not limited to:

Dominate I and II: A Unit affected by Dominate can leave a Melee against friendly Units.

Eternal: The User cannot endure HP Loss on behalf of other Units when Eternal is active.

Friendly Fire: Failed Attacks do not automatically harm friendly units; they must be rolled again.

Imprison: Clarifications added, of note that Imprison is to Target enemy Units.

Phoenix: The User cannot deploy via a casualty Unit that has Phoenix.

Seed I: User can only Deploy via enemy Units afflicted with Implant.

Terrain: Imprison does not affect Units with Terrain.

Trap (all ranks): With 0 range, the wielder can choose to place a marker in base contact with themselves, and the Unit that laid the trap will never trigger it.

Miniatures in the photo are by Avatars of War and Megalith Games

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