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WARSURGE Rules/App Update v1.1.31

Highlights of this update include Text Code importing and sharing, along with an Import Tab in UNITS to browse premade Factions on fan websites. There is also a new Perk Family, ‘Perforations’ which are for Weapon Perks that alter or reduce the effectiveness of Saves. New Perks have been added, and many other Perks have had tweaks made to them. There has been an adjustment to the point cost system, some bug fixes and some minor upgrades to the framework of the software. -WARSURGE v1.1.31 Rules Update- - Perk Term: Stackable. This term applies to afflictions that can stack, increasing their effectiveness. Only a few Perks have ‘Stackable’ at this time, such as Poison and Burn. Perks with Stackable have received a Point Cost adjustment. - Book 1. WARSURGE Core Rules: ‘Friendly models’ clarification added, regarding Transports in Sections 6.2. - Book 2. WARSURGE Perks: Perforation Family of Weapon Perks added, alongside new Perks and adjustments or corrections. - Book 4. WARSURGE Narratives: More details on resolving Enemy Units in Enemy Tactics section. There is also an updated sample of walls for Narrative Maps. -App Quick Start book now mentions the Import Tab. -WARSURGE v1.1.31 App Update- -Import Tab added -Text Code Import added for QR Scan and Share QR -Help Video updated in Units for Import Tab -Perforation Weapon Perk family added -New Perks -Perk Updates -AEGIS Save cost adjustment -Point Cost calculation update - New Perks added: Smoke Cover (Defensive), Harmless (Tactical), Transpierce I & II (Perforation), Reroll 1’s (Offensive). - Gravity has moved from Afflictions to Offensive. - Rift Gate has moved from Aeonian to Deployment. - Heal has been moved from Mode to Tactical. - Ignite I & II now function differently, causing a damage over time effect. - Ascension I and III, Breach, Imprison, Vanish and Trespasser Perks have had description updates. - Perforation family of Perks contains many offensive Perks that modified Saves, and also contains Negate AEGIS. - The following Perks have had adjustments to point cost and/or function: Bleed, Burn, Leech, Poison, Barrier, Breach, Sergeant, Leader, Bodyguard, War Master, Opportunist, Defend, Enslaved, Controlled, Heal, Tough, Stealth, Resurrect I & II, Stun, Resist I & II, Negate AEGIS, Fugue, Nova I/II/III. - Most Mode Perks that use Templates no longer refer to the Weapon Range extension rules of being locked in a Melee; they only use their Weapon Range in a Melee. - Many Perks have received minor text updates and formatting adjustments.

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