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WARSURGE Rules/App Update v1.2.0

The next WARSURGE update is now live, providing new features for the rules and app. If your device does not download it automatically, you can go to the app store and update it manually. Highlights of this update include Deflect, Ward and Parry stats on Weapons (to represent shields and defensive Weapons), the data backup system, along with many new Perk families and Perks. There have been adjustments to many Perks, some bug fixes and some adjustments for faster processing speed of the app. Luckily, we got it through in time for Christmas! Here are some details for the update: WARSURGE v1.2.0 RULES UPDATE

- Perk Term: HP+. This term applies to Perks with HP recovery. Units can restore up to 50% of their HP in a game turn, and any excess that is recovered beyond full HP will absorb damage before losing actual HP. Any excess HP that is recovered will be lost at the end of the game turn. - Point Cost (Double) now a term in Perk activation, in Point Cost (x). - Book 1. WARSURGE Core Rules: Deflect, Ward and Parry added, with Section 5.16 explaining how to use these stats in detail. - Book 2. WARSURGE Perks: new Perk families of Transportation, Vulnerability, Recovery and Restoration added. These families have new Perks and several existing Perks have been relocated to these families where appropriate. - App Quick Start books have received updates that factor the above changes. - Narrative ‘Den of Dread’: Corrections and clarifications have been made in several sections. WARSURGE v1.2.0 APP UPDATE: - Deflect, Ward and Parry added to Weapon stats. - Help Videos updated to include Deflect, Ward and Parry. - Backup feature added to Settings. - Disabled Android Auto Backup to prevent intermittent data loss. - Warning added to let Android users know when their device personal storage is near-full; to help prevent Android auto-deleting App data. - Many Perks have received minor text updates and adjustments, particularly in regard to Deflect, Ward and Parry, and also for new Perks. - Perk families of Augmentation, Malediction, Recovery, Transportation, Vulnerability and Restoration added. - Many existing Perks have been relocated to new Perk families. NEW UNIT PERKS: - Augmentation: Aura, Blood Pact, Boost Move, Boost Dash, Boost Defence, Boost Armour, Boost AEGIS, Boost Attacks, Boost Power, Boost AP. - Defensive: Shield Wall, Resolute, Shockproof, Durable Armour, Emergency Shield (new ranks). - Malediction: Curse AEGIS, Curse AP, Curse Armour, Curse Attacks, Curse Dash, Curse, Defence, Curse Move, Curse Power. - Movement: +D6/2D6/3D6 Move/Dash, Forward Motion, Hexagonal Inertia, Diagonal Inertia, Wanderer. - Recovery: Healer, Engineer, Technician. - Transportation: Tow, Compartment Enclosed/Exposed/Unsheltered. - Vulnerability: Combat Damage has two ranks, Anaemic, Cowardly, Doddery, Flammable, Flinching, Sickly, Undead, Weak Minded, Regress, Degenerate. NEW WEAPON PERKS: - Affliction: Velocity Lock, Direction Lock, Venom, Pestilence, Shock, Solidify, Zombify. - Enhancement: xD3/2D3/3D3 Attacks, xD6/2D6/3D6 Attacks, Charge Up Power, Charge Up AP, Charge Up Range. - Limitation: Manned, Wane, Wither, Shorten, Decrepit, Blunt, Encumber, Finisher. - Offensive: Destroy IV/V, Decimate. - Restoration: Repair. - Tactical: Snipe, Moving Strike, Opening Strike, Flurry, Longshot, Shatter, Zap. - Roster Perks added: Mission Master, Playstylist. - Trait added: Final Hope. All Roster Perks tied to the Presence Perk have been split into a Presence or Aura version. For example, Bloodthirsty Aura and Bloodthirsty Presence. Names with Aura go with the Aura Perk, and names with Presence go with the Presence Perk. UPDATED PERKS: - Perks related to HP recovery have been moved to Recovery and Restoration families. - Perks related to Transports or relocating other Units are under Transportation family. - Fast and Pre-Emptive have had their rules overhauled. - Combat Damage, Deteriorate and Diminish have been moved to Vulnerability family. - Presence has been moved to Augmentation. - Opposing Units with Reflect can now ‘play tennis’ reflecting an attack back and forth till one fails. - Trap and Anti-Air can be combined to target Units with Jumper or Airborne. - Many Perks have received clarifications or updates to factor new Perks. Models in photo by The Printing Goes Ever On, gaming mat by Deep Cut Studio. The Printing Goes Ever On:

Deep-Cut Studio: Merry Christmas! - Richard

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