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December 2020 News

Merry Christmas! We have a variety of news this month. We were recently interviewed by Bell of Lost Souls, a tabletop game news company. You can check it out on Facebook: There’s an article about us on Spikey Bits: We’ve added two new Narrative Missions. One is for a Christmas themed battle, ‘The Fight Before Christmas’, while the other is racing themed, ‘Super Model Race’. Download them here:

We have video trailers for both these Narratives, which you can watch on YouTube: The Fight Before Christmas: Super Model Race: Two sample battle report videos are still being worked on, likely to be done either later this month or in January 2021. Also being worked on are brand new solo and coop Narrative Missions. For the WARSURGE app, there is a new update which provides popup warnings if a QR Code is not valid or scanned in the wrong area. There are also updated point costs and descriptions of some Perks. You can read the patch notes here:

We are currently working on three new features for the app, which we will announce as they approach completion. We are hoping for the first one to be ready in January 2021! In the Christmas themed photo is a dwarf by Avatars of War and a Banebrood by Megalith Games. The building is by Zealot Miniatures. Stay tuned for more news and updates! Merry Christmas! - Richard

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